Fantastic Latinamerica

imageOur 6 and a half months in latin america came to an end. We have our heads full of amazing memories and have been to breathtaking places. We started with the pretentious plan of going from the far south Ushuaia all the way to Cuba in half a year. A very long bus journey when putted together and we have visited a large numbers of different beds. This journey has also reminded us that we have 10 years more than most of our fellow travelers and it ware us off toward the end with 8 visits to the hospital within 14 weeks.

A few facts for the first half:

  •  18 countries
  • More than 600 h sitting in transportation (25 full days and nights)
  • Max altitude reached (by foot): 6000 m height.
  • 7 allergic reactions
  • 8 visits to the hospital in 8 different countries
  • More than 100 Papipollo (chicken and fries) for Christine

This was also a very advanturous trip, with great and less great surprises. Christine bloomed as a backpacker and hiker, trekking mountains up to 5200 m height, beeing stuck in a tent for 36 h in a 120 km/h storm, going through the dangerous streets of Bogota, having an allergic shock in the Peruvian jungle, etc…

We loved it and can recommend to anyone this amazing journey, not only for the eyes but also for the mind and the soul.




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  1. That is a very nice written conclusion of the first half of your trip. I am glad you added a map with all the red flags where you stopped. thanks for letting us be part of your adventure 🙂


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