Angkor Cambodia



The great thing with travelling for a longer time is that even if you did not plan to see something, you can afford beeing flexible. We decided at the last minute to go to Cambodja exploring the most impressive ruins of the biggest city in history before the industrial revolution (with more than one million inhabitants). The only remain of this lost city (lost in the 1400th and only found back in the 1900th) are the stone structures used for a huge amount of temples and water management systems.

Our visit started with Ta Prohm, nicknamed the Tomb Raider temple. A very impressive buddhist temple, full of carvings, towers and rooms. The temple is covered with giant trees which give a very special atmosphere to the site, almost spooky.

On the way we visited many other temples (Pre Rup, East Mebon, Ta Som, Krol Ko, Preh Khan, Terrace of the Elephants, Bayon). Interestingly both buddhist and hindu temples as they went back and forward between the two religions during history. Some of the most beatifull places were Bayon with its towers full of smiley faces and walls full of carvings telling war history and the Elephant terraces where they were training war elephants.

We finished the visit with the super massive temple of Angkor Wat. This megastructure is breathtaking, nothing to envy to the cathedrals built at that time in europe. The most impressive of all is that there is basically no wall which is not carved with very fine details.

After this amazing cultural day, we took a day for exploring Siem Reap, the booming city which ended up beeing very pleasant. Especially the massage session!



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  1. Definitely get as many foot massages as you can fit in your busy schedule. Have fun 🙂


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