Hysterical Hanoi


We have landed in Vietnam, ready and exited to explore the country for a month. We start in Hanoi to travel up north to the rice terasses in Sapa and then the plan is to go all the way down south along the coastline.

Hanoi is a messy city and the traffic is totally insane. The streets are packed with clothing and shoeshops competing for your attention. Shoes and bags are allmost always poor (and sometimes hilarious)  pirate copies, of course. However, if you look close you may find little tailor shops with ready to wear dresses made in shop that are surprisingly chic. I had my fantastic new years dess made for allmost nothing, and at the same time I did not have to compromise with the type of fabric, nor the quality of the handcraft.


The women selling fruit here are charming, funny and lighthearted. Negotiation is mandatory here – it’s expected and best done over a few laughs or at least, with a smile on your face. Even tough we don’t love the city per say we’re having fun here! The food is difficult with the allergies but we are making it work and to my bliss we found a french restaurant that use olive oil and not the usual blend of sesamee and peanut oil. Julien is of course enjoying the local cuisine that Vietnam has made itself  famous for and he is doing that with a big smile on his face as it’s very tasty! The coffee culture is strong here and the varietys are many, often flavoured and very sweet.






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