My Tra, Sapa

After the buzz of Hanoi , we needed some green and decided to go direction north. During the bus ride we stopped and could already enjoy some local delicacies. When we arrived in the Sapa region the weather was pretty bad. Luckily we were staying in a very homy hostel, in a tiny traditional village, deep into  a beautiful valley. During the night we had a small typhoon, cutting the electricity for 24h. By chance Christine had her personal alarm clock: a funny little tornado.

Even though the next day was not too friendly in terms of weather, we went for an epic hike through the rice terraces and rivers.

The following day, after a tasty breakfast, it was time to explore the mountains around. The weather was great, making it pretty tough to climb with the high temperature and humidity.

The landscape was amazing with a scenic view over the highest peaks of Vietnam (3000m). I must have been one of the rare tourists on that path, which was a pretty cool feeling. I also made amazing encounters, especially all the cute ladies in traditional clothes.

On the way back we made some shopping in Sapa… Those ladies are very agressive sellers and bargaining is a must. But they enjoy it and it always ends with a smile on their faces.



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