Cat Ba Island

Leaving the horrible Ha Long behind us, we took a fery to the Cat Ba island. The ferry ride through the Ha Long bay was amazing and definitely better than the organised tour of the previous day. Also the town of Cat Ba was much nicer, not beautiful, but the vibe was good.

The island is much more relaxing and also offering adventure trips. I decided to go for DWS (deep water soloing) while Christine was taking a day off duty of supporting me. The climbing was very nice, however pretty psycho to jump in the water from 22 meters. Nice experience and great fun, but I wouldn’t do it every day.

The tour included some kayaking in the afternoon. I first tryed to not go because of the really poor previois experience in the Ha Long bay. However I did not regret it at all, it was amazing with a lot of untuched nature, clifs, white sand beaches and hidden bays.

The tour ended just before sunset, with such an amazing view from the deck over the bay, with its fishermen’s floating villages and the calck towers. What an amazing tour!



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