Dong Hoi & Paradise Cave


Close to the city of Dong Hoi you’ll find the worlds biggest cave. If you have five days -the amount of time you need to get trough it, and three thousand euros to pay for the expedition you might be one of the lucky four hundred people allowed into the cave annually. However, there is a waiting list so you better get in line.


We did not get  that line unfortunately, so we took an alternative route into Asias longest cave instead. With a ceiling stretching up to 100 m, Paradise Cave goes on for approximately 31 km with a width of 150 m at the most.


It feels like something out of this world to enter this cave. The kalc formations are so incredibly beautiful that one hour feels like ten minutes because you get so consumed with all the shapes and colours surrounding you in there. We explored Paradise Cave by foot and thereafter the Phong Nha cave, less impressive but still beautiful – by boat. Fantastic experience!

Dong Hoi is not a remarkable city, but it has something. We got lucky with our hotel that offered a great room with a large  terrace overlooking the river and its colourful bridge. Situated just below was Tree Hugger Cafe. It became our basecamp for the days spent in Dong Hoi and we enjoyed lots of local foods and beverages there. A very cozy café that also sells artesanals made by people in the minority villages.


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