Lovely Hoi An

Where to begin… Hoi An was lovely. Or it just had the cosmopolitan touch I needed at the moment maybe. Either way it was joyful to find a restaurant where I could safely munch my way trough the menu after long days of strolling through shops, art galleries and markets.

The adorable old city that is classed a UNESCO world heritage site is free from traffic during the day time so you can calmly wander around the streets and explore its small nooks and secret flowery coffee gardens hidden in the narrow back streets.

There’s an abundance of elegant and/or cozy eateries, silk shops, tailors and a charming food market where you can get just about everything. You also have the kitschy tourist shops, they are, unfortunately difficult to avoid at most places.

There are so many tailors around and the main thing when in Hoi An is to get suits or dresses made. We did as well and the results was just what we hoped for! The bags are now heavier than ever and further shopping is banned until we get our monster-backpacks home. We would recommend anyone travelling to Hoi An to give it a go, but check first that you go to a reputable tailor as there are many sketchy ones riding on the credibility of others.

We ended up staying four days and we loved every second of it. It’s such a beautiful place. One of the most charming things were the little lady selling lanterns in the evening. That allowed me to send some meaningful candlelights down the river. Right then and there, I felt so incredibly grateful. That is the kind of feeling you want to carry with you and keep for the days when travelling is less easy, regardless if you travel to a new destination or just within yourself.




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