Zen Meditation Pagoda, Dalat.

Julien came back early from his canyoning adventure so we had time to take the cable-car over Dalat to the Zen Meditation Pagoda before jumping on the bus to Saigon. A beautiful and well taken care of monestry with the sound of soothing gong-gongs vibrating trough the flower gardens. I could have stayed for hours.

The night bus was a very different experience this time. Everyone was kind and smiling. The staff was helpful and sober. The blankets were clean and the beds were more comfortable. We even had wi-fi so we could enjoy the second season of Narcos on Netflix. : )

There was a bhuddist nun on the bus. She seemed curious and smiled at me several times, (we were the only foreigners on the bus). I smiled back at her. When we met outside the bus later on she took of  the wooden pearl bracelet on her arm and put it on mine. Then she smiled and walked away. One of those  special encounters and such a warm act of kindness. It’s funny how days are so totally different. That’s the beauty of it, I guess.





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