Mango Bay Resort

We landed on Phu Quoc two days ago and are now fully installed at the Eco-resort Mango Bay. It’s perfect and I almost have to pinch my arm when I realise we’ll spend our week here. Everything is wooden, accompanied with light organic cotton fabrics and cozy candlelights. The staff are real sweethearts  – we feel so pampered.

We have a cottage just by the beach where there are also two restaurants with wide menues holding several options I consider allergy-safe, – good ones too! Mango Bay provides daily complimentary Tai Chi in the morning and Ashtanga yoga in the afternoon for those who wish. If you are certified there’s also scuba-diving, not to mention the spa and a private beach. We’ll be perfectly fine here.

I finished my first ashtanga class a few hours ago and look forward to participate  in every class every day. I feel like I’m in heaven right now. Julien feels he needs something to climb or jump down from (anything fatal, or at least something dangerous that breaks and compresses your bones and/or produces adrenaline goes) but I fear he’s going to be coming to yoga with me. If I trek and camp – than he does yoga. It’s time to restore cosmic order.



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  1. I agree with you and wish you luck getting Julien into Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is challenging and he just might like it 🙂


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