On our way to Australia we made a short stop in Singapore, in order to explore the city/country. We stayed at a friend of mine, Matthias who has been living there for the last 6 months. It was very intresting to hear about the way of life in Singapore.

The country is densly populated, however completely different to other asian cities we have been to. It is clean, very clean, imagine… even cleaner than Switzerland! They push it quite far: once a week it is party spray time. The condos are smoked with very healthy chemicals, to make sure that anything alive will leave this world. Another fun example: it is strictly prohibited to import chewing gum in the country or even worse, to chew some…

Despite the gigantic hole that the city digged in our budget, we enjoyed spending a few days there and it felt really good to meet a friend on the way. Also a last chance for me to try tasty asian delights.



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