kangaroo wonderland

We woke up as the plane landed in Sydney and got ready to take another one. First thing I did was to eat since Asia had been somewhat of a challenge. But we made it. No allergic reactions what so ever – that was far better than we could have hoped for. Later that afternoon we stood knocking on Luigis and Natalie’s door in a sunny Brisbane, Queensland. They had, years before studied with Julien in France and now they hadn’t seen each other for almost ten years and Julien had never met their two sons. Needless to say, a happy reunion.

Brisbane is a bigger city surrounded by what feels like villages. People seem to live in houses rather than apartments and if you are not in the immediate centre, you get this cozy small town feeling, – it’s very dynamic. We stayed with our friends in Paddington which had lots of little shops and cafés. The sun is almost always shining and it’s springtime in Australia. That would be like a less great swedish summer, one could say.

We got a good dose of city, a little climbing, spent an afternoon feeding kangaroos in the park, watched the koalas at Koala Lone Pine with the kids and spent a good amount of time just hanging out, catching up and making loads of home cooked food.

We had a great time in Brisbane and a homy feeling thanks to Nathalie and Luigi’s hospitality!



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