Blue Mountains

After our stay in Sydney, we rented a campervan and left the busy city for a road trip in the australian bush. Our first destination was the Blue Mountains. At 1000 m of altitude we pretty fast challenged the cliche of the warm Australian spring. Especially  during our night in the van, when the temperature went down to 5 degrees.

The next morning I was really psyched going hiking in the majestic canyon. We were so much looking forward moving our bodies and beeing in the nature after so much time spent not moving to much. You probabely know this feeling of over motivation and over confidence in your physical condition before doing some activities you haven’t done for a while… Beeing in this little bubble I convinced Christine to go for a 6h hike which was supposed to be harder than the short 4h easy hikes made for 80 years old tourists. She hesitated, but finally accepted the concept.

After about 3h technical descent to the bottom of the majical canyon Christine started to show some signs of fatigue… However the hardest part was to come: climb back all the height difference on a very steap trail and at the end take stairs hanging directly on a 600m high cliff. I knew she wouldn’t love this part and was pretty anxious about her degrading mood, I was also pretty tired myself.

But luckily Patagonia teached me one thing: don’t bother Christine getting grumpy, at some point she will get so mad that she will start running up the hill. Even the steep parts are not too much of an issue anymore for the awaken superwomen (just don’t get in her way, otherwise her laser eyes will fry you alive). Close to the top she became sweet as a choclate cake again and actually admitted to love the hike especially the view in the steep part…



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  1. She has the spirit of a true champion 🙂


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