Our Hippie Camper

We rented an old camper van from the late eighties and travelled 2600 km along the australian coast, the bush and mountains. It was a great way for us to explore the surrounding. Also it was fun sleeping in the van for 9 nights and beeing able to cook our own food.

The road along the coast was very preserved and definitely not overpopulated. A good gas management, food shopping and searching for authorised campsites was necessary. Quite often we arived at down and we had some surprises or troubles to find the campground.

Lckily we managed to avoid killing any animals on the road, even though we met a few kangaroos, rabits, birds and wombats with death wishes. Christine suffered quite a lot seeing the extreamly large amount of dead kangaroos on the side of the road (each 100 m in some portions) as well as wombats and possums.

Travelling in a camper van in Australia is great! The landscape is not as boring as one would expect and changing a lot. The infrastructues are great, with free clean toilets everywhere and even really nice free hot showers which we enjoyed a lot! Nothing is more relaxing than sitting outside in the evening after a nice dinner and watching the amazing stars while the wildlife plays a sweet symphony.



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