Great Ocean drive & The twelve apostles.


We had such a great time camping. We were lucky with the weather most days, and having the possibility to stop and see what we wanted when we wanted was so nice and convenient.

We drove Princes Highway and Great Ocean drive, and even though it couldn’t quite compete with the grandiose Highway 1 in California it was a beautiful drive overlooking the coast line. The wildlife is impressive! In one coffee stop we encountered both a kookaburra and a koala. The kookaburra was so tame you could pet it, (probably thanks to all the pie crumbs at the cafè) and I got so excited seeing the wild koala that I stumbled right into a puddle of mud and fell in it.


We took it easy. Enjoyed nature and viewpoints. Had coffee in cozy cafés in tiny little villages along the way. Made pancakes with strawberry marmalade every morning. I forgot how much I love pancakes with strawberry marmalade. I don’t really take the time to make them when I’m at home. When I think about it, putting your heart into making breakfast pancakes with strawberry marmalade might be one of the best ways to show people that you love them.

We made a stop at the dramatic twelve apostles which was very nice. Windy, and a lot of tourists – but nice.


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  1. Hey you guys down under! Did you get the news about your brand new nephew Ernest born today on the 8 of october. Pretty exciting. Haven’t seen a picture yet. Congratulations 🙂


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