The last stop of our trip was the Grampians, a famous mountain chain in the north-west of Melbourne. The ride there was quite different than the coast and extremely green. We also got why when considering the high humidity and low temperatures (pretty cold when you have to tank in t-shirt and short). The first night we arrived at dark and ended up sleeping very close to a swamp. We had to carefully plan our pipi exit in order to escape the 1000 of mosquitos waiting outside the van to suck the blood out of our naked butts.

The next day after the famous Christine’s special morning/lunch pancakes we went scouting the surrounding.

We hiked all the way to the Pinnacle, an intresting journey through cool volcanic formations. I loved it and regretted not having more time for bouldering all those cool rocks.

The view from the famous Pinacle was fine but completely fenced, I enjoyed better its neighbor. After our active day out we had a nice dinner and our last night in our cosy van. We slept so nice and were a bit sad having to leave our home on wheels the next day.


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