Meet Marjut/ part 1


We are finally in New Zealand where we will spend the rest of this entire trip. Exciting! Currently, we’re in Auckland where we also bought this baby, a 1988 Toyota van that will take us trough the magical landscapes of NZ.  She needed a bit of Love when we got her, and we started with spraypainting the interior for a fresher look. The ceiling is broken, but we’ll take care of that too with a little help from textiles and tools.

As the day comes to an end she has a bed, and a new, freshly painted kitchen area. Her name is Marjut, and she carries my mothers middle name. She kind of hated it, but not really, – let’s say we had some good laughs about it when she was still with us. Me, – I like it, and I can’t think of a better name for this old, yet strong, charming and stubborn  vehicle that will take us – and I know she will- everywhere were we are meant to be going.

We have two more days of preparing before we start our journey.



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