Melbourne, you’re awesome/ Cityfix.

H&M, doing really well in Melbourne. Food, more food and divine croissants and escargots at Laurent Boulangerie in S:t Kilda (watch out for dickhead manager).

Camping was great, and as always after being remote in the nature I need my city fix. I can’t have one without the other (well, I don’t want to anyway) – it’s like yin and yang to me, spending half the time in a beautiful countryside and the other half in a vibrant city. They are both so full of life, and in such different ways, it simply cannot be anything but inspiring.

Melbourne is large, but not super busy and I like that. You can stroll around the streets your own pace without getting particularly stressed about anything. As you get around by tram, it allows you to drink in the city as you go, which, to me is far more charming than cramming up in a subway.


There are plenty of eateries, pubs and cocktail bars and rather than offering a lot of clubs worth visiting, there are a lot of secret hidden cocktail bars around the CBD (City Business District) that are well worth sharpening your detective skills for. We went to Eau de vie, which is a 1920’s speakeasy style bar with black walls, (if they could speak…) a humble volume and an impressive whiskey selection. I had a Cuzco crush; imagine a mix of Pisco, chartreuse, and a generous dash of absinthe served in a glass gently rolled in powdered Belgian chocolate with a dried bay leaf on top. Dangerous.

I was happy that the Banksy exhibition was on – just to realise when we got there that it would only open two days after our departure to New Zealand. The disappointment! At least we got our share of street art walking around the narrow backstreets of the CBD.

Mathilde, another friend from Juliens studies lives in Melbourne and we got to spend two great evenings with her! We were lucky enough to get invited for French duck confit (French foooooood!!!) at her house and got to try a sour beer from her girlfriends brewery named after her. Mathilde herself is adorable and not very sour at all. The evening before we had dinner at State of Grace. If you feel like having a cocktail after your dinner, simply push a book in the book shelf and a glorious cocktail bar will present itself as you go down the stairs. Thank you Mathilde for taking the time to show us the city!

The houses in Melbourne are pretty. We lived in St:Kilda which is the old hippie area. On Beaconsfield parade where we stayed you wake up to an ocean view with a white sand beach waiting for you across the street. If it’s summer, that is. I wouldn’t have guessed Australia could get that chilly!


              THANK YOU AUSTRALIA 

Good things: Gippsland yoghurt. And I don’t even like yogurt. Melbourne. Real live kangaroos. Cute koalas. Beautiful country and nice people. Hidden cocktail bars in Melbourne. Public toilets are really clean. Like, r e a l l y clean – it’s impressive.

Bad things:  Everyone still have beards. Just stop it. Except for the fact that the bearded hipster is not hip anymore since the entire planet grew beards, it’s also a sanitary matter. Soy in everything. Dead kangaroos rottening on side of roads. That 80% of all koalas have chlamydia and you need to sanitise hands after even holding one. Not that you actually hold them that often but still – how icky?! (Yes, I’m a total hypocondriac, it runs in the family. Hypocondria, that is – not chlamydia).


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