Baby animals

On the road from somewhere to somewhere, the coffee cravings kicked in and we saw a little coffee sign on the side of the road. We entered the long and narrow gravel road that would lead us to what we thought would be a normal off road  cafè but it was so much better!

Chickens and all kinds of birds were running around everywhere in this old, wooden villa, both indoors and outdoors and it was really clean and well kept after, so it felt very idyllic. It was just about to open and we had to wait for the nice old man that owned the place to get ready. While he was fixing what needed to be fixed around the house we spoke about all sorts of things. Before we had our cappuccinos he asked if maybe the city girl wanted to do the morning feeding of their pet lamb. If I did! I lived for many days on that moment, it was so incredibly cute. We are going to need a big garden when we come home…



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