Hot Water beach

img_1059The first thing you think about when you hear about this beach is: damn yeah, sounds awsum, lets go! However if you miss some precious information the name of this beach can be a bit misleading. Don’t attempt to enter the ocean water in october or you will very fast realize that your feets and other precious organs are burning… from cold!

Luckily we knew you are supposed to dig a hole in the sand in oder to fully enjoy the thermal water flowing through the beach.

However what people also forget to tell you is that you should not dig wherever whenever. Low tide in a specific spot. This makes it enjoyable only for a short time leading to a hot water rush and big crowds even in low season.

If one can make abstraction of this little detail, it is a very cool and enjoyable experience. In the beginning you seek for extra heat and try to avoid any sea water to enter you newly built spa empire, while the sea is retreating you seak for cold water in oder to avoid a burned butt. This needs a lot of engineering, bathing, building and relaxing at the same time.  It was amazing!


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