Kauri forest & Cathedral Cove

Moving south we passed by the Kauri forest, home to a few Kauri trees, some of them with the impressive age of three thousand years. They were very strict at the entrance of the forest due to a fungal illness that spreads rapidly in the New Zealand forests, killing of theese old beauties. It’s partially prevented by using the washing up stations located at the entrance where you scrub and disinfect your boots before you get lost in the beauty of the bush.

We drove all the way to Cathedral Cove that day and found a spot with a beautiful view. Julien cooked us some fish and we enjoyed the sunset before retreating for the day.

Living in a van is pretty ok evenings like this. Not all evenings get there – but the ones who do makes it worth the general discomfort. Two chairs, a good dinner and a glass of wine. You’re home.

The following day we woke up at six and went for a walk down to Cathedral Cove. With the exception of a German guy with minimal tangas and at least one of his hairy fellows hanging outside of them we were alone at the beach.

I know, I’m Swedish. I should be the one jumping in the still, rather cold water with a viking-smile on my face but I left it to the brave crazy French guy here. I was going to tell you I’m actually half German half Finnish and thereby not Swedish at all but given the icebathing and sauna traditions that should, supposedly, roam my half Finnish veins it only makes it worse. Prejudices and stereotypes are not good for anyone. Except when it comes to nudists. They’re all German.


On top of that we found a waterfall where Julien could wash of the salty water. Nature sometimes… : )


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