A glass of wine in Martinborough


We are hovering around. Planless. Content but curious. We do what we feel like doing. There’s infinity of time for hiking, building (improving Marjut),  exploring cities, thinking, writing or  eating. We do a lot of eating. That’s a nice thing to do. We felt like drinking wine, so we drove to Martinborough a lazy Saturday afternoon to join the locals wine yard-hopping.

Martinborough is small and charming. Locals, very present. Engaged in the community and social. I think that’s why it’s so cozy. This is a place where you want to be. It won’t take a minute before you feel right at home.

We tried ourselfs trough the afternoon and went with the two favourites of the day, a 2016 Riesling and a 2012 Pinot Noir. We finished the afternoon in the pub with the rest of the locals.

The morning after we spent a few hours at the local cafè drinking and eating, looking at people and enjoying the sun. Life on a stick, as we say in Sweden : )


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