Welcome to Wellington.

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand in the south part of the north island is said to be one of the most lovable cities in the country. It’s also said to have more restaurants per capita than New York – however this is accurate or not we can’t say but there are plenty of fun and creative restaurants around. We are more on a fancy junk food budget that a fine dining one so we went for just that. There are plenty of both. If you do find yourself in Wellington – don’t miss the pizza at Pomodoro, it’s pretty awesome and it’s served at the Golden Dive Bar across the street. If you love ice cream, then don’t miss Gelissimos Gelato, close to the Te Papa museum, it’s pretty awesome too.

The kernel of the city is rather small and the most happening part of it is Cuba street. Te Papa museum is one of the best NZ has to offer, and it gave us a good understanding of Maori culture, nature, species and the history of New Zealand.


Day two we took the disco tunnel cable car to the Royal Botanical Garden.


There’s a cafè on the top of the hill and they had ice cream there as well. Gelissimos won the Ice cream contest but I didn’t mind the chocolate-salted-caramel neither. Close call.

The Royal Botanical garden was very pretty. A nice walk amongst a lot of different flowers and plants we don’t normally see.

We finished with late lunch and gingerbeers at cozy Fidel’s. Sun was shining, food was good, end of story.


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