On our way to the south we decided to stop in Kaikoura, as we were not sure to come back north. This was a wise decision according to the recent events there.

Kaikoura is situated on a beautifull coastline between snowy peaks and turquoise water. The place is touristic but small and very enjoyable. It is a well known spot for its wildlife spotting, especially for the whales. So we booked our whale watching tour guarantying a 90% chance of encontering one. The permanant residant of the area is a group of sperm whales. Strange name for a whale, but they are supposedly massive. However as it is the reproduction season (probabely it must be all year long for a whale with such a name) they were a bit prude and left the area for doing their business. But it seams that hope was there that they would pretty soon return so we decided to base camp in a beautifull spot in the surrounding of the town and waited for the next day.
The next day came and passed with letting 1000 peole take the boat and not see a thing.

Then full of hope (after 3 days missing they must have come back…) we decided to take our chance and go for an alternative way of seeing the whales and more rewarding in case of no show.

We took a plane ride to see the pilot whales which have been seen in the morning in the area. And luckily we could follow a hundred of them cruising their way past the coastline. It was very beautifull even though they were not that impressive in size, but in number. It is also apparently very rare seeing them. Flying was pretty cool too, instead of beeing on a boat seasick and when lucky see a fin. We decided to give an extra 12h to the sperm whales, who never showed up and we finally left this little peace of paradise to its sad destiny.


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