On the way to Te Anau

After our bad luck good luck in Kaikoura, we directly cruised to Te Anau. The way there was pretty long (more than 1000 km), but really enjoyable! We stoped at many occasion to take in the beautifull views. Also we made a break at lake tekapo with its impressive color, sureal blue. It was so bright blue and at the same time see through that it attracts you. Even though I knew it will be cold I finally decided that I had to go swimming. This was more of a go in run out thing, loosing a few centimeters of my men pride on the way, but it was amazing to be able to jump in such a great looking lake!

We stopped at a remote camping spot for the night, all on our own, with great stargazing.

Finally we reached Te Anau, a nice town, pretty small but very welcoming and a perfect spot for accessing the huge fjordland national park (bigger than yosemite and yellowstone put together). It is also the place where Jason, a friend of mine is living with Karen and Eden their daughter.

We spent a few days with them and built a few stuff (a new BBQ and an upgrade on the Van), had good food and a lot of fun.


It was really relaxing to share some time with them and we definitely fell like home. Not the same way than when one spends time at other peoples home in europe. There is something special about kiwis, they make you feel so naturally welcome. People are very talkative and intresting in exchanging with you. Not alike US where they ask you how you are doing but then don’t care about your answer. In Kiwiland, they actually take the time and start a conversation, help you or just share some thoughts. Great place!


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