Milford Sound

The road from Te Anau to Milford Sound is a spectacle for the eyes. Mountain after mountain. Untouched and unforgiving. You feel exposed and tiny. An endless amount of waterfalls runs down the steep walls and the only thing levelling the gravity of being there is the funny Kea birds trying to steal your food. They are everywhere, and they are quite social and entertaining. Just try to remember that “a fed bird is a dead bird.”

The Milford Cruise is a two hour cruise around the Milford Sound. It’s very beautiful and if you do find yourself in Fjordland, it’s highly recommended. We met a couple of penguins and a few fur seals on the way and had one of the sunniest days in a long time during our cruise. It’s raining 200 days per year in Milford Sound and we were told we should be rather grateful not to get a single drop.


However, the skipper had one last surprise for us. As we got closer to the last waterfall the crew started handing out raincoats. We were on the front deck but we had our gore-tex jackets on so we didn’t bother much with the coats. Little did we know we would end up under the waterfall as a last little stunt. Drenched and shivering we staggered inside for a nice warm cup of tea to enjoy the last bit of the tour. We ended up having a fun, but somewhat more wet day then expected.


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