A trip on the West coast of NZ

After spending some time in Te Anau which became our base, we decided to roll the west coast of New Zealand. The coast can somehow be geographically compared to the west coast of south america, having all the mountains compared to the flat and empty east coast.

We took off north through the desert-like landscape of Wanaka and beautifull lake where we spent the night. Then moved on toward the coastline. However to do so one need first to go through a very steep mountain range.

The ride has been really nice with constantly changing landscape. To my eyes at least, Christine was maybe thinking that mountains are mountains, rivers rivers and waterfalls kind of all the same. For changing a bit the monotony of the amazing white water rivers, green bushy and fearny mountain sides, amazing hundreds of waterfalls, we decided to go for a short hike to the fox glacier…Or what is left of it. Global warming did its fair part of the job and the glaciers is getting ridiculously smaller every year.

Before crossing over again toward the east, we randomly decided to have a look at the Hokitika georges which were just slightly mentioned in the lonely planet. A very poor treat for this amazing place which definitely beats by far the view over the tourist Meka which are the two sad glaciers (well people there should better think about job reconversion soon). The place is remote but amazing. After crossing a magical native forest with liana, fern trees and sleeping kiwis, you cross a swingbridge above this very pure milky blue river. One more of those well hidden diamonts of NZ.

After a stop in Castel hill we made our way back to Te Anau. All in all we had a great time on this roads.


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