Kepler track

The Kepler track has long been for us this legend that simply seemed to be something we will not be able to do. In new Zealand for tramping a “great walk” you need to reserve way in advance for your hut/campsites, thing that we of couse did not do… Then if you have a booking, you need to be lucky with the weather; Norbert and his friends had to turn back because the track was closed due to excessive snow. Finally you need to convince Christine that she will love it despite the pain.
But luck was with us and thanks to last minute cancellation we could even sleep in the hut, have some of the best weather that season so far and Christine was looking forward to it (she must have forgotten the pain of last hike or needed a good excuse to stuff herself with Toblerone…)

The 3 day 60 km hike was amazing. We felt pretty good as we tramped it well bellow all indicated times. However when we saw people/machines running it in less than 5 hours during the Kepler challenge that weekend, it was pretty depressing.
We had great weather and amazing views. The first night in the hut was however difficult with about 50 people sleeping in a dorm. People lack either brain or respect sometimes, or both: going to bed at midnight with their headlights going all around and speaking very loud. You feel like waking up in the middle of a nightclub, if you had the chance to fall awsleep of course. Then headlights of people going to the bathroom. Finally the crew packing up their stuff at 5 in the morning and chatting loud. No need to tell you the subject of your dreams, if you manage to have any: it most likely relates with killing.

We were looking forward for the second night in the tent. However that place ended up to be a sandflies hole. Imagine a cloud of vampires who as soon as you stop try to get you, sneak inside of your cloth and when they get you, it itches for weeks if you make the mistake of scratching. In addition we had an issue with our dinner and ended up having huge abdominal cramps so that we were lying agonizing in the tent. The next morning everything was fine again.

I also found a new Christine motivator on that tramp which add to chocolate, hunger and anger: bathroom needs. Even though I tried to convince her that doing your stuff in the bush is natural, found her amazing spots with view, princess is too stubborn and she managed to the next hut. I was impressed.

This hike was a great trip even though we were quite tired afterward. When we arrived Jason was there to pick us up, they had cold beers in the fridge and Karen prepared amazing pizzas…


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