Cityfix: Christchurch

After a brilliant time in Fjiordland with all friends, nature and adventures we decided to spend the last weekend in Christchurch. Also, after your boyfriend accidentally drops you in the freezing river during a long and tough trek you deserve a city fix. And dinner. And movies, Christmas shopping, a nice warm bed in a nice hotel and quite possibly some diamonds, a puppy, a couple of lamas and a beer-hat filled with the finest champagne, chocolate, eternal love and one of those stars you can get named after you, you know? You get a certificate or something. But I’m not fussy. Anyways. Sidetrack.

At a first glance I didn’t like Christchurch very much. It takes a little while to get your head around the city as it suffered some significant damage  as a result of the the 2011 earthquake. You need to know where to go and what your looking for but when you do, it’s a nice city full of creativity and innovation. It is still somewhat of a construction site but as someone smart said (I don’t remember who) – “The road to success is always under construction”.


We stayed at cosy 115, a little boutique hotel in the heart of the city and strolled around amongst the Christmas decorations that felt quite surreal. Santa by the barbecue? In a Hawaii shirt? Christmas is all about summer and camping  in NZ, thank God for Europe.

We had a couple of lovely dinners and went for the new Star Wars movie. I convinced Julien to come and see Bridget Jones Baby with me a couple of weeks ago, so fat chance that I will ever pick a movie again. But I enjoyed Star Wars, and the time spent in Christchurch, it was great to spend some cozy quality time (and sleep comfortably in a soft hotel bed) before the madness began again. A sixty hour journey was soon to come, just half a planet away from home.







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