Taiwan – Half way home.


Taipei is a hub for passengers in transit and it’s not uncommon with a 10-24 h stopover. We were pretty finished after travelling trough the night but Taipei airport is quite comfortable in comparison to many other airports. And there is heaps of shopping. Heaps. And everything is pink. Like, super pink- even the check in counters. And there is teddy bears everywhere. Doesn’t matter how grown up you are, don’t come to me and say that when you are tired and hungry and exhausted pink stuff and teddy bears doesn’t help because it’s obvious that they do.

After strolling around and sleeping a little bit the Taiwanese tourist board offered us a free tour in Taipei. They run two daily four-hour tours for passengers in transit and it was nicely organised and generous. The guide took us and a few other people around the city by mini-bus and we got to visit both a temple and the market and a big statue of a previous leader and a shift of the military watch.

The market had lots of fish, restaurants where you could eat snake (seems very popular)  and dildos. We didn’t do any shopping.  The Temple however was beautiful. Hand carved decorations from the sixteenth century and a very serene setting made us quite taken because the energy around it felt almost enchanted. It felt so special because it was in midst of prayer and the town had gathered to sing their prayers together. Someone was crying desperately while praying, someone else was burning insence to find love and someone else was grateful for something and offered beautiful flowers as a token of their gratitude. We left filled with emotions and drove back to the airport under a soft pink sky. The next flight was long and tough and we just landed in Amsterdam. One step closer to home.



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