Merry Christmas…


…and a Happy New Year to all of you who followed our journey this year! We are back in France, ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Our year has been truly wonderful. Sometimes difficult too. Being away from everyone we love hasn’t always been easy but we have been rewarded with so many new friends, and valuable insights.


Being together round the clock for a year has also been great. Sometimes not so great. We could probably  write a book with the theme “Why you will want to kill your partner and how not to”, but what we learned about each other and our selves  during this time is priceless.


Meeting all these different cultures, people, foods, traditions and getting to see the breathtaking nature of the planet that we live on is something we would recommend everyone to do. We would do it again. We even might someday. Life is short.

Do whatever makes you happy.

J & C



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