Boy and girl meets.

We have both been traveling in life. Far and wide. Pursuing our own different goals and journeys in very different ways.Thereafter we have been for a few trips together, the latest to Reunion Island and California, but foremost we have been traveling often all though not too far just to be able to see each other as much as possible since we live in different countries.

The time came when we finally decided to take a year off to go for a world trip together.

Julien: Is a well oriented traveller. He has been eating rotten fish in China as well as almost freezing to death on a Swedish expedition in Kungsleden. Those of you who live in Sweden can soon watch that particular expedition on TV and learn that even in – 30 C Julien prefers to sleep naked while having very original ways managing to keep an orange eatable instead of frozen. Unlike his friends, he was a very happy camper at the very time even though we will always have to bring our own sheets when we visit people in the future.

Christine: Has been traveling trough life in a somewhat different way. After packing her home down into a storage in Stockholm she now owns three t-shirts, a pair of jeans and travel necessities from Naturkompaniet. Hell just froze over.

Since we can´t fit you all into our backpacks we decided to make it a possibility for those of you who want, to follow our journey trough hot and far less hot climates. We will be sharing laughter, tears, joy, frustration and hopefully breathtakingly beautiful parts of the world.

Stay tuned.

Much Love,

Christine & Julien


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Hippas says:

    Hey ho… let’s go ❤


  2. Cecile says:

    Looking forward the awesomeness you’ll experience!!!


  3. Ammie says:

    Jag följer gärna med er på resan , trygg i soffan ….kör nu ❤


  4. zeljka says:

    Have a great trip and cheers


  5. zeljka says:

    Have an amazing, fun and safe (dare I say) trip and a great New Year …. looking forward to all the posts cheers


  6. zeljka says:

    happy travels 🙂


  7. zeljka says:

    having a battle posting…. so, once again or for the first time…. depending on how this turns out (or not): HAPPY TRAVELS 🙂


  8. Patrick says:

    Looking good guys! I hope you will have a splendid time on your trip. Enjoy your travels, stay safe and be happy!


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